2017/2018 Holiday Calendar

July 4th

DLC Closed for Independence Day

August 4th

Summer Camp Ends

August 7th - 11th

DLC Closed for Planning and Training

August 10th & 11th

Teacher Planning Days/Leadership Summit

August 14th

1st Day of School Duval County/VPK

September 4th

DLC Closed for Labor Day

October 16th (no VPK)

Open Duval County Planning Day

November 10th

DLC Closed Veteran’s Day

November 22-24th

DLC Closed Thanksgiving

December 21st& 22nd (no VPK)

Open Duval County Planning Day

December 25-29th

DLC Closed Christmas

January 1-5th

DLC Closed New Year’s Break

January 8th (no VPK)

Open Duval County Planning Day

January 15th

DLC Closed Martin Luther King Jr. B-Day

February 2nd (no VPK)

Open Duval County Planning Day

February 19th

DLC Closed President’s Day

March 16th (no VPK)

Open Duval County Planning Day

March 19-23rd

DLC Closed Spring Break

March 30th

DLC Closed Good Friday

May 28th

DLC Closed Memorial Day

May 30th

DLC Graduation

June 1st

Last Day of School Duval County/VPK

June 4th –5th

DLC Closed Summer Planning Day

June 6th

Summer Camp Begins

**Duval County Summer School in July

2017/2018 Events Calendar

June 14th Petting Zoo & Pony Rides 9:30 (N&L)
June 30th Miss Kate @ 10am (N&L) and 11am (T&C)
July No Board Meeting
August TBD Black Sheep Fundraiser/Passport Kickoff?
August 8th Board Meeting/Orientation
August 10th & 11th Leadership Summit/Teacher Planning
September 11th Committee Meeting (Open House/Planning)
October 9th Board Meeting
October 12th NL Open House (5-7pm)
October 19th TC Open House (5-7pm)
October 27th Fall Carnival (Set-up 9 am, Starts 10am)
November 4th Passport Event (Board members attend)
November 20st DLC Thanksgiving Feast (11:00)
December 11th Board Meeting
December 19th TC Christmas Party
December 20th NL Christmas Party
January 8th Committee Meeting
February 12th Board Meeting
February 16th Valentine’s Dance (Set-up 9am, Starts 10am)
March 14th Golf Tournament 1:30 & Committee Meeting
March 16th St. Patrick’s Day “Scavenger Hunt” @ 10am
March 28th Easter Egg Hunt @ 10am
April 9th Board Meeting
May 14th Committee Meeting
May 30th DLC Graduation
June 12th Short Board Meeting/Member Vote
TBD Summer Events