DLC Nurse & Learn is an inclusion nonprofit child care center for children of all abilities, with and without developmental delays, where each child is taught at their own pace.

Abby's Story


Abigail was born with Spina Bifida and her mom was told that she would never walk on her own and that the best she could hope for was that Abigail would walk with braces. When 'Abby' was 9 months old, her mom became a single mother. And that was just the beginning of an uphill battle of navigating life hurdles and they both needed HOPE at this moment.

A friend recommended that mom should try DLC. With much reluctance, she enrolled Abby at DLC and was just hoping for the best for both of them during this tough time. In just one short year Abby has made more progress than her mom could have ever imagined. Abby has built strength in her legs and ankles and is not only crawling on her hands and knees but she can pull up on her own and CAN STAND WITH ASSISTANCE!

What has shocked mom even more is Abby's pride and joy in herself and her new mobility. According to her mom, it is apparent all over Abby's face each time she can do something for herself and she has become extremely independently minded. Abby has made true progress at DLC and mom is so thankful to the amazing teachers, therapists, and the support system at DLC. Mom says DLC is not just a daycare by any means and has changed both of their lives for the better. Mom knows DLC is where Abby belongs to have the opportunity to continue her journey.

Abby is now independently using her walker and transitioning to using crutches. Abby's success so far is filled with hope and miracles and we look forward to seeing where she goes on her journey at DLC Nurse & Learn.

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